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Carla Winter

Carla Winter was born with artistic, intuitive & analytical talent.  In fact, one can easily track the family tree of artistic & business genes in  the entertainment industry.    Formally educated from Cal State Northridge, BA degree in art, cum laude.   She specialized in drawing and minored in biology and physical education.    After moving from Los Angeles to the SF Bay Area, she taught art, movement and vocal technique for ten years at Piedmont adult school and Civic Arts, Walnut Creek,  before embarking on her party entertainment venture.

“Show business is in her blood, literally.”

Carla Winter created Partiart, in 1985.  Her company specializes in providing music and variety entertainment for parties, picnics and special events throughout the SF Bay Area.    In addition, Carla herself is a multifaceted party talent too.

As a free thinker and independent spirit, armed with a fresh college degree in art, the last thing Carla did as she left Los Angeles and migrated to the Bay Area in the mid 70’s, was pick up her blue belt from the Chuck Norris School of Karate after choreographing the first annual manikins ball and review in Beverly Hills, CA.  Aaron Norris, Chuck’s brother and director of his Texas Rangers TV show was Carla’s primary instructor.

She then spent many years living hand to mouth, earning her money many ways such as; teaching Adult School, art modeling, table waiting, singing telegrams, and she lived to play her guitar and share her song. She has written many songs.

Through the vehicle of a *CETA grant during an economical recession she gained national recognition in 1981 as the US Navy’s first and only minstrel Troubadour . She was stationed on Treasure Island Naval Base, San Francisco, to learn the skill of being a community entertainer and periodically toured with the Navy show band, Ocean Express.

comprehensive employment training act

In her spare time she studied a second style of martial art, Bok Fu, by Master Richard Lee, and attained a second blue belt.

During this time in 1981, a film, “Carla’s Island”, was produced. This short movie was one of the very first computer animated films ever made, created by Dr. Nelson Max.  He won international recognition and awards, for demonstrating computer generated animated water, thus skyrocketing him to the top of his field.   His idea came from inspiration of an island themed painting by Carla Winter, his roommate.   Carla wrote the music and produced the soundtrack, the old fashion way, using reel to reel and hand spliced editing and a little help from her friends.  Cut and paste the link to the award winning Carla’s Island https://vimeo.com/361798698

a 2nd film was produced called “Ethereal Flight” and as a production was tighter with more heart, but the big technological breakthrough  had already happened on our first flick, we simply improved our production skills.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsZzKKvV-2M&feature=share

While during her Navy stint, Carla studied voice with a very famous coach, Judy Davis, who touted tutoring such stars as Barbra Streisand, Janis Joplin, Eddie Money, even the band Journey flew in weekly for coaching.  There she met her best soul friend for life, Katy Lawrence.

After her Navy tenure, Carla toured Japan as a singer, and returned to the states continuing to entertain at clubs, on party yachts and for special events.

When Carla created “Partiart” she created an abundance of work for not only herself, but for many other Bay Area entertainers.  At about that time she married photographer, Dick Evans, whom she is married to this day.

She also discovered another expressive side of herself a friend named “Twinkles” due to the sparkle in her eyes. With this persona, Carla developed many other marketable and artistic party entertainment skills. Carla’s party skill list is formidable. Here’s a link to where she has different & eclectic samples https://www.youtube.com/user/Partiart

It wasn’t until the mid 1990’s, ten+ years after she established her business, that Carla realized the depth of her Hollywood business roots and undertook the mission to authenticate it. She published a book of original, business letters discovered by her cousin Lillian Semenov, depicting the inner workings of early Hollywood. The letters between William Fox, founder of the Fox Film Corporation and Carla’s great uncle, Sol Wurtzel, who ran the west coast studios, provided many insights,not only to the inner workings of Hollywood but also the business mind. William Fox, Sol M. Wurtzel and the Early Fox Film Corporation: Letters, 1917-1923

Covid halted Carla’s 30+ year party business in its tracks.  Also her nearly 20 year run as the weekly entertainer for family night at The Falls Restaurant at the Blackhawk Country Club came to an abrupt Covid completion, March 11, 2020.

From that void, Carla, in 2022,wrote a song, “Covid 19” heard across the USA and more than 50 countries world wide.  Here is a link to the song. https://wwwjango.com/music/Carla+Winter/Covid+19